With the first month of 2024 already behind us, we are excited to announce new updates and changes to the ACGL.GG platform that our team has been working on.

🏅New year, New Ranks

We have made a few changes to the ranking system on our platform:

  • All players with ranks for games with ongoing weekly tournaments have received a "soft" rank reset, meaning they maintain their current rank but their elo is placed at the bottom threshold for that rank, so make sure to bring your A game in your first 5 placement matches.
  • Instead of past ranks being listed under a seperate game, your ranks will now be grouped together, As an example, all Call of Duty Ranks (MWI, MWII, etc.) will all be listed under the Call of Duty title.
  • Rank listings on profile pages have received an overhaul.
  • Going forward into 2024 and beyond, ranks will freeze during the December-January period, with soft rank resets taking place every year on the 1st of February.
  • Players will start to receive rank rewards at the end of every month, this will start off as additional Ember rewards but we will be expanding into better prizes soon!
  • We are introducing new rank icons (as seen below) that make your profile stand out from the crowd, along with animated icons on your profile page and we are re-introducing rank-up animations.



As for your ACGL profile, you can check out these exciting changes:

  • Players will now represent their country with a flag next to their username
  • Improved listing of the teams you are a member of
  • Overhauled rank listings
  • Your posted game clips are now listed directly on your profile
  • We have renamed the "History" tab to "Games" and improved the layout
  • All of your teams are now also listed under the "Teams" tab
  • We have removed the "Inventory" tab
    • Clips are now listed on their own tab under your profile
    • Missions (both unlocked and not) are also listed under their own tab



We are always looking for new ways to improve your experience on ACGL.GG, so let us know what you think of these recent changes and if you have any ideas that could make ACGL event better!

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