October 17, 2023: 

Event Basics:

  • Event Name: The Carry1st VALZA Cup
  • Date: Grand Finale on December 8th to 10th
  • Qualifiers: Registrations Open now and close on 26th October. 
  • Prize Pool: R150,000 (1st place: R75,000, 2nd place: R37,500, 3rd place: R22,500, 4th place: R15,000)
  • Additional R50,000 via community goals (4 goals in total)
  • Team Sign-Up: Via ACGL platform at www.acgl.gg/valza
  • Community Contribution: Achieving set goals to add R12,500 to the prize pool (e.g., 64 teams, 200 live viewers for the online qualifier, 300 live viewers for the rAge Expo final, and #VALZA reaching 20 million on social media)

    *Edit Prize Pool format Correction. 
    *Edit Goal 2 updated for Discord membership goal of 750 

South Africa is about to witness a gaming spectacle like never before with the upcoming debut of The Carry1st VALZA Cup. Set to be the largest Valorant tournament in the country, this event promises exhilarating esports action, an impressive R150,000 prize pool, community participation, and a showcase at the renowned rAge Expo. Organized by ACGL in collaboration with Carry1st, The Carry1st VALZA Cup is poised to become a milestone in the South African gaming community.

Mark your calendars for December 8th to 10th, 2023, when Gallagher Estate at rAge Expo will come alive with intense VALORANT competition. The tournament offers an impressive prize pool, with R75,000 going to the champions, R37,500 for the runners-up, R22,500 for third place, and R15,000 for the fourth-place team. The gaming community's involvement can further boost the prize pool, with a chance to earn an additional R50,000 by achieving a series of community goals.

Community engagement is at the heart of The Carry1st VALZA Cup. Gamers, fans, and esports enthusiasts can contribute to the prize pool by helping achieve a set of exciting community goals. These goals include; 

  1. having 64 teams enter the competition,
  2. reaching 200 live viewers during the online qualifier broadcast,
  3. achieving 300 live viewers for the rAge Expo final broadcast, and
  4. making the hashtag #Valza reach 20 million on social media (currently on 12 million).

Each goal achieved adds R12,500 to the prize pool, making it a collective effort to create a truly remarkable event.

The journey to the Grand Finale at rAge Expo begins with the online qualifiers, hosted on the ACGL platform, where up to 64 teams will compete. The competition will feature group stages and a double-elimination bracket to determine the top four teams that will advance to the rAge Expo. Each participating team must consist of South African residents available to play at the event on the provided dates. Please note that travel and accommodation are not covered.

rAge Expo, the chosen venue for The Carry1st VALZA Cup's Grand Finale, holds a special place in South African gaming history. It has long been a platform for showcasing the best local gaming talent, companies, and the enthusiasm that the community has to offer.

The Carry1st VALZA Cup is more than just a gaming tournament; it's a celebration of the South African gaming scene. Gamers and enthusiasts are encouraged to register, interact, engage, and use the hashtag #VALZA on all major social media platforms to contribute to the success of the event. This inaugural tournament is poised to be a groundbreaking event, marking the biggest Valorant competition South Africa has ever seen. Gaming enthusiasts, get ready to witness gaming history in the making!

Follow the action live via the Carry1st and ACGL channels, and keep up with updates on social media by following @Carry1st@AfricanGaming

For more information, visit www.acgl.gg/valza.

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