The ACGL team is always looking for ways to ensure you get the most from competing on our site. We decided against a subscription model, but we still wanted to be able to give you more. And starting today, we will do just that.

Welcome to the Apocalypse. This is the name of the first season which heralds a new series of systems on the site aimed to achieve our plans. More will be added and expanded on as future seasons roll around, but for now, the TL;DR additions are:

  • A new Battle Pass. Free to all.
  • Cash up for grabs in all our regular cups.
  • New Matchfinders with a new Embers wager system.
  • New map veto system.

For details of these additions, as well as hints of more to come, read on.


The Battle Pass rewards you for playing more. As you complete a set number of matches, you will be rewarded with new avatar kits and calling cards to customise your space on the site. You will also continue to earn Embers for matches you complete, which you can use to enter giveaways and more.


Rather than us dictate to you which of our regular weekly tournaments get cash allocated to them, we've decided it's all on you and your community. For the Apocalypse season, a cash prize pool will kick in for all tournaments once they hit eight confirmed (checked-in) participants. And the more confirmed participants we get, the higher the prize pool. So get your friends and community playing, and you will all be in line to earn more.

Every tournament page will feature the goals applicable and achieved, with prize pools climbing again at sixteen participants, 32 and on. We will be revisting this system at the beginning of our next season to see if there are any changes or improvements to be made. It will also help us decide on the future of some titles on the ACGL platform.

There will still be cups with fixed cash prize pools and product prizes. These will be via our sponsors or partners and will not be affected by the sliding scale system. The sliding scale system for cash prize pools will come into effect on 21 March 2022.


The original Matchfinders were all about offering additional, less-structured formats for players to compete in and earn Elo ranking and Embers. They were designed to be a system to play when you can, especially given the load-shedding issues South Africans face.

The new Matchfinders allow more flexibility than ever before. You can post a challenge for a time and day that suits you, and define the game, ruleset and format. All available challenges will be listed on the main page, along with some on the site's sidebar. We have however removed the queueing system. However, we have added a social media share button to any challenges. Share publicly and get others to accept your challenge!

We have also introduced an Embers wager system with the new Matchfinders. You can choose to put up some of your available Embers for a winner-takes-all face-off. Your opponent will need to match your wager to compete. The match winner will secure their opponents Embers for their efforts.


We have added a map veto system to all related tournaments. Participants will be able to select the maps they would like removed from their next match. The map remaining will be the map used to complete the mode or round. Failing to complete the map veto system will see a map randomly chosen for the mode or round.


You can share you #ACGLstats on Twitter. Brag about you wins or share your custom avatar. The share option is available under your profile on the homepage. Make sure you have set a primary title in your profile.

A few more updates and features coming in the future will be announced over time. However, we like to keep you on the edge of your seat with aniticipation, so we'll drop a hint, tease a little and leave you to do some guess work yourself.

Elo ranking and Embers are a critical component of what we do, and we want to award those ranking up and earning Embers. If you've been grinding to Grandmaster or Diamond, maybe you should be given even more opportunities to win... Got some Embers burning a hole in your pocket? Sometimes, going into a draw for a product just isn't where it's at. Maybe a straight forward buyout should be on the table? Maybe we just need to give you more for your Embers generally...

And how about even more ways for you to support your community, and a whole lot more. Keep your eyes on our social media and site.

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