We are happy to announce the return of the ACGL Leagues. Season One sees the Modern Warfare console series arrive slightly refreshed.

Originally announced in April for Modern Warfare on console, COD Mobile and Rainbow Six Siege on PlayStation 4, the initial season only saw enough support to proceed with the Modern Warfare League. However, forces outside of our control meant a delay in going ahead as originally conceptualised.

As originally stated, the tournament series is one for you - the participants. We want you to feel as if you are part of something unique, challenging, rewarding and fun. With all the ACGL Leagues (now and upcoming), we aim to put the spotlight on the player in a bigger way than ever before. Matches will be regularly streamed and content generated around you.

Now, with a new name but the same format, we can announce that registrations for the Call of Duty Community Clash are open!


Cash prizes will be on the line, with a guaranteed cash prize pool of R13,000. Entry fees for the season have been built around the model of R100 per person. R500 will be the cost of entry for a team per season, with an allowance of up to two substitutes.

In Season One, the competition will start with a group phase featuring all registered teams. The top eight teams will head into the Premier Knockout Cup. On the line for the top eight teams is a spot in our Premier Division in Season Two. The top four teams in the knockouts will also secure cash.

In addition, all teams that do not qualify for the Premier Knockout Cup will have an opportunity to compete in the Challenger Knockout Cup where another cash prize pool will be up for grabs.

A season is expected to run over two months.


Season Two will kick off with the qualifying Premier Division teams competing in a group phase. All other teams can sign up and compete in the Challenger Division. Both roads lead to the Premier Cup playoffs, where qualifying teams from both divisions will compete for the cash on offer.

Teams that do not qualify for the Premier Cup, will get an opportunity to compete in the Challenger Cup, ensuring ongoing opportunities to play and improve in a competitive environment.

Season Two will see teams promoted and relegated in preparation for Season Three.


A guaranteed prize pool of R13,000 cash is up for grabs. R10,000 will be allocated to the Premier Knockout Cup, and R3,000 to the Challenger Cup. The cash prize pool will be split between the top four teams at the end of each season's Cup. 


Registrations are now open for the Season One Call of Duty Community Clash. The registrations will close on 11 May, at which point the first season of action will kick off a few days later. Teams competing will need to ensure they have a Team Token on the profile of the captain, which is purchasable on our shop. Once signed up, the token will be deducted from the profile.


  • 20 July: Registrations Close
  • 22 July: Fixtures Release
  • 25 July to 15 August: League Matches
  • 22 August to 23 August: Challenger Knockout [Updated. More here]
  • 1 September to 5 September: Finals

*Please note that schedule is subject to change.


To comply with the Activision Call of Duty licencing requirements, this tournament has an age restriciton of 18. All members of a team signing mist be 18 years old or older.

Should a player be found to be underage, they will be removed from the tournament and a replacement will need to be made within 24 hours. Should a replacement not be found - and your team does not have a minimum of five players - your team will forfeit its position in the tournament. All fixtures played/completed with an ineligible player will be forfeit.


Additional titles will be added in the future, and we can only recommend that participating in our ongoing cups will help us gauge interest in expanding titles in our Leagues.

The existing weekly cups for the League titles will continue, offering newcomers a chance to still dip their toe in the competitive scene, while more established teams can continue to hone their skills outside of League matches.

ACGL has a zero-tolerance stance towards racism, sexism, homophobia, and any other acts of discrimination.
Any players found contravening this policy will face a suspension or permanent site ban.
ACGL strives to ensure that our platform is a safe and tolerant environment for all our users.

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