The Absa Gaming Festival has been announced.

Absa has joined forces with rAge Expo and ACGL in the latest big business/gaming partnership which is set to raise the bar even more for gamers. With more than R100,000 in prize money and high-stakes tournaments driving a bigger and better esports spectacle, the Absa Gaming Festival launches today, with registrations open for the two open cups.

The Absa Gaming Festival features Fortnite duos and FIFA 22 open cups, and an Apex Legends streamer series. All tournaments will be played online.

The cash prize pool for the three tournaments is valued at R 60,000 with additional giveaways from Absa Rewards valued at over R50 000. In addition, there will also be a Best Plays competition where gamers can submit their most memorable gaming moments and stand to win prizes.


The following dates have been allocated to the various tournament stages:



Apex Legends Streamer

This event will feature invited streamers and drafted teammates. Further announcements will follow on the Apex Legends streamer series. [Update 28 April: Details can be found here.]

  • 6 May: Qualifier One
  • 13 May: Qualifier Two
  • 20 May: Final

“In line with our efforts to get closer to our customers, colleagues and communities (including the gaming community), Absa is proud to be partnering with rAge Expo and ACGL to host the inaugural Absa Gaming Festival,” says Christine Wu, Managing Executive for Customer Value Management at Absa Retail and Business Bank. “The sponsorship underscores our commitment to embracing digital innovation and future-fit technologies while also ensuring that we find original ways to connect individuals to communities.”

Michael James, Project Director at rAge Expo says, “Having a brand like Absa take esports and gaming seriously is always good news for gamers and the overall positive growth of the industry. They’ve put up some decent prize money and partnered with the best in the business to bring the local gaming community something fun and exciting. We’re proud to be working with such a forward-thinking and adaptable company, and I can tell you this is just the beginning.”

Nick Holden, Co-Founder and Director at ACGL adds, “Get those wallets open and get ready to change your bank because Absa has arrived with the Absa Gaming Festival. Clearly, we’re excited about it and we can’t wait to be your esports hosts for the competition. We couldn’t be happier to partner with our gaming friends at rAge Expo – we’ve missed them so much and know you have too. As for Absa, all I can say is welcome to gaming and lets get ready to unpause this session, as a new player has entered the arena!”

To find register for the Absa Gaming Festival, visit Registration on the ACGL platform and entry to the tournament is free. Need tips on how-to register, sign up or compete in tournaments? Head to our written or video guides today. When talking about the Absa Gaming Festival on social media, please use the hashtags: #ICanWithAbsa and #AbsaGamingFestival.

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