Last week we announced the ACGL Application Beta for Android devices.  In the past eight days, since the launch of the application, we have managed to fix a few errors and squash some bugs - thanks to the feedback from our initial 100 users who were invited to the beta program.

Today however, we have some great news as we are moving out of Beta and on to full release on the Play Store. The application is now available to download (2mb) for free and is currently exclusive to Android devices. We are working on the iOS version but we are yet to have an estimated release date - watch this space! 

Updates and Fixes 

Below are some of the changes or updates since the launch of the application: 

  • Ability to upload images directly from the phone's media library. 
  • Push notifications are now viewable instead of notification summary only. 
  • Messages creation quality of life fix (makes it easier to send messages to any user).

Moving forward with your feedback & suggestions

Over the past week, we have recieved some valuable feedback and suggestions from our users. As the application is now available to a wider audience we expect that more errors and bugs will be found, and that's why we need your help!  

Please send your feedback to or let us know via Twitter, Facebook, Discord or by commenting below. 

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