ACGL presents AGC, the ACGL Gaming Championship, the tournament organiser’s first national tournament incorporating its three main institutions of high schools, universities and public leagues. Birthed by the need for an annual dedicated South African tournament and piloted through previous events like Student Showdown, the live event aims to bring the best players out of its leagues and officially crown South Africa’s best.  

The event will take place from the 26th of July until the 28th at the University of Cape Town’s Sports Hall in the Western Cape. Friday will be reserved for high schools in the Nitro ASL with Saturday featuring both ASL and competitions open to the public. With R100 000 up for grabs split into Rocket League trios (R30 000), Fortnite Solos (R20 000), EAFC 24 (R20 000) and R30 000 being donated to schools for various accomplishments within the schooling esports scene.  

The event will support over 250 LAN seats, consoles to support over 500 players for EAFC 24, a 5v5 PC set up on stage, racing simulators and additional consoles for free play, live broadcast and show space for gaming and technology businesses. The venue will be able to run two full Fortnite lobbies simultaneously, making it the largest event featuring Fortnite in sub-Saharan Africa. 

While this is a competitive event an underlying goal is to strengthen the bonds between school, university and general esports to grow the community, give opportunities to those who want to seize them and create long lasting friendships between players and institutions. 

“It feels like every event and arm of ACGL is accumulating for this massive tournament. I want to give a taste of what the future of esports holds to students as the next generation of gamers and create an event that every gamer in South Africa can look forward to every year,” said Adam Thomas-James, head of the education department at ACGL.  

Nick Holden, co-owner of ACGL had this to say, “I'm so thrilled to announce the launch of AGC, an event that will unite schools, universities, and public esports communities under one roof. This championship is a celebration of the culture and passion that drives competitive gaming, providing a platform for aspiring gamers to showcase their skills and connect with like-minded enthusiasts. We believe AGC will be a cornerstone event that fosters growth, camaraderie, and excitement in South African esports."  

High schools can qualify for a guaranteed spot through Nitro ASL’s Premiere Division with spots also dedicated to university students through AUL. The organisations and the public will also be able to apply via the event page. 

Spectators and supporters are welcome. For more information, please visit the event page.


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